The Products

Step into a world of beauty where every day is a walk on the ramp. Capture the essence of the word gorgeous with our range of exciting, well researched products.

In a woman’s world, colour is the nerve centre for everything happy – from the exhilaration of weddings to the excitement of festivals to even days when you just want to feel special for no particular reason.

Viviana™ products are designed with just that in mind – colours for every occasion, shades for every mood.

And thanks to our decades of experience and first-hand accounts of the vast number of women we’ve spoken with, we know how important quality is. Which is why there is no question of compromise. Right from the best containers to the finest of nail polishes to the choicest of lipsticks, Viviana™ has gone the extra mile to ensure that consumers don’t have to worry about the quality of your cosmetic. That’s our job.
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