The Business Opportunity

"Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.”
- Jim Rohn
Viviana™ works towards helping apply these very basic fundamentals to help in
YOUR success. Our business plan is not just a strategy – it is a well thought out long-term aim at making all your dreams come true – so you can see all your aspirations turn into reality – whether it is the long standing desire to be financially independent or have a big car of your own or the ability to take your family on a holiday abroad. But most importantly, what we and you will achieve out of this is the satisfaction of achievement through hard work, of living life on our own terms.

Money isn’t the only factor that will make you work with Viviana™. Our very ethos demands that we have fun every single day. There can never be a dull moment. Build friends and acquaintances along the way, qualify & travel to foreign destinations for holidays with your partner every year. Shine in your world as you grow personally, professionally & financially.

First Create the Life you want for yourself & your family & then cherish it for rest of your Life!

Various Income Generators:
  1. Retail Profit : A 25% Mark up on all products that you sell
  2. TDP Bonus : Up to 20% bonus paid every 10 days (Ten Day Period-TDP) on the BV generated
  3. Incentives : Exciting promotions announced from time to time to help you build your Business
  4. Garnet Bonus : Become a Garnet Director & earn additional 3% Bonus
  5. Nephrite Bonus : Become a Nephrite Director & earn additional 2% Pool Bonus
  6. Jadeite Bonus : Become a Jadeite Director & earn additional 2% Pool Bonus
  7. Alexandrite Bonus : Become a Alexandrite Director & earn additional 2% Pool Bonus
  8. Rewards & Recognition : Qualify for 2 International Conferences every year
* conditions apply
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